1. ISO 21001 for Pre-Schools,
  2. ISO 21001 for Schools,
  3. ISO 21001 for Colleges,
  4. ISO 21001 for Universities
  5. ISO 21001 for Informal Institutes.

It is a known fact based on the expertise of Ascent WORLD that the quality assurance and accessibility of any kind of education are influenced by so many factors, such as:

  • compliance and regulation of that education with the needs of students, Government, and society;
  • infrastructure and facilities being provided of the educational organization;
  • scientific and procedural support of the full educational process;
  • competence of teachers and managers of the educational organization;
  • orientation of the entire educational organization on continuous improvement of the activity; – social and corporate responsibility of the educational organization for the severity/impact of its activities on society, the national and international economy and the overall environment;
  • accessibility and same opportunities for education for all categories of people- general or special;
  • the ability of the educational organization to create and maintain an ethical and professional internal and external communication mechanism;
  • safety of functioning of the educational organization in all aspects of activity taking into account all factors of internal and external context of the organization.

ISO 21001:2018 is actually adapted and taken in from the structure of ISO 9001:2015 and thus follows the harmonization of the High-Level Structure- Annex SL. As far as the requirements are concerned, ISO 21001:2018 largely focuses on the needs of the learners and other relevant interested parties as well as all related beneficiaries of the service (Government may be one of them). As far as the content headers and terms and concepts are concerned, ISO 21001 focuses on the guidelines specifically relevant only to educational institutions, no matter what the education service is like. This Standard also includes guidelines facilitating a practical and pragmatic implementation based on the documentation developed ie. Manuals, Policies, Procedures, Instructions, etc.

ISO 21001:2018 is a Standard that covers a very wide range of focus groups, also the kindergarten, post-doctoral education, and lifelong learning, including vocational training, as well as any types of learning methods, like video conferencing learnings or like distance learning.

ISO 21001:2018 Principles:

ISO 21001:2018

The requirements as per ISO 21001:2018 standard are specific to the educational institutes/organizations right from a pre-school to a higher education institute and include institutes that provide non-formal education/training as well. The certification (Contact Euro VERITAS Ltd, UK) actually establishes credence to the documented and implemented management system of this educational organization, also ensures improved reaching of KPIs and objectives and activities with policy, and enables the organization to enhance its general social and corporate responsibility by providing inclusive/exclusive and equitable quality education for all. Consistent methodologies, processes, and evaluation KPI tools based on the EOMS requirements guide the organizations to demonstrate and increase effectiveness and efficiency and meet their organizational objectives.

EOMS as per ISO 21001:2018 basically leads to highly personalized learning and effective response to all learners/students/candidates, in particular those with special education needs and distance learners. It broadens the participation of all relevant interested parties and improves staff motivation and morale.

Education Management Risk assessment gets implemented due to sustainable practices and costs saved as a result of more responsible and efficient use of resources.

The organizations can comply with and take into consideration regional, national, open, and proprietary company-wise standards within an international framework and can thus stimulate excellence and innovation.

Please contact Ascent WORLD for complete guidance on any ISO standard, including certification.

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