SEDEX Certification

Enroll your business in Sedex membership to continue sharing ethical business data with your customers by obtaining Sedex Certification in India.

What is Sedex Certification?

There is nothing like Sedex Certifications. Some of the consultants are giving fake knowledge and information about Sedex to manufacturers. Sedex does not issue any Sedex Certification. Although Sedex is the Sedex SMETA Audit and the audited reports are published in the Sedex platform.

Sedex is the name of the organization and SMETA is the name of the audit methodology providing a compilation of best practice ethical audit techniques.

SEDEX, the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange is the upcoming buzzword standard in the business world. It is a participation association for organizations to maintain ethical information simply and effectively for the improvement of ethical and responsible business practices. Sedex allows registered organization to share and manage information related to Labour Standards, Health & Safety, the Environment, and business ethics to utilize the Sedex electronic framework, take an interest in Sedex administration, take an interest in working gatherings, arrange and draw in with other SEDEX individuals, use Sedex esteem included administrations.

SMETA is designed to help auditors conduct high-quality audits that follow the responsible business practice, covering Sedex’s four pillars of Labour, Health and Safety, Environment, and Business Ethics. SMETA Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit was created by the Sedex membership to give a centrally agreed audit protocol, for suppliers to share one audit with multiple customers and reducing duplication in ethical auditing meeting customer requirements. SEDEX SMETA was originally developed by AAG Sedex Associate Auditor Group, now renamed as the Sedex Stakeholder Forum (SSF) and involving multi-stakeholder consultation, it draws from practices defined by Sedex members and by the Global Social Compliance Programme (GSCP).

Benefits of SEDEX SMETA Audit

Sedex is the best practice direction on leading moral exchange audits to help screen feasible execution in the production network all the more successfully leading to real business benefits for your organization.

  1. Recognition of Socially Compliant Organization.
  2. Compliance with Legal, Contractual, & Regulatory Requirements.
  3. Improved structure and focus with respect to business ethics.
  4. Drive improvements in your supply chain
  5. Gain competitive advantage
  6. Reduces risk by the Sedex Risk Assessment tool
  7. Encourages increased supplier engagement
  8. Availing the status as an approved supplier.
  9. Boosts productivity
  10. Saves time and resources
  11. Improves supplier engagement
  12. Opportunity for exports and hence achieve new business

Requirements of SEDEX SMETA

For conducting Supplier Ethical Data Exchange SMETA Audit by the certifying body the organization needs to follow requirements are as below:

  • Follow Labour standards
  • Follow Health and safety standards
  • Protect and improve Environment Conditions
  • Follow Business Integrity practices
  • Follow protocol to develop Audit Report
  • Establish remedial activity plan

WRAP Certification Process

Streamlined Sedex Certification Process with Ascent WORLD in India. Our expert advisory team can guide you through the Sedex Certification process, ensuring a smooth experience. Connect with our advisory team at or call +91 7045409675 to learn more about the process and how Ascent WORLD will assist you step-by-step in achieving Sedex Certification.

Strength of Ascent WORLD

  • Ascent WORLD provides relevant training to all levels of employees about the implementation and knowledge of SEDEX SMETA.
  • We at Ascent guide on the road map to SEDEX by our experienced and qualified team for all businesses throughout the SEDEX SMETA supply chain.
  • We at Ascent have been providing SEDEX for the past 10+years to achieve the highest available SEDEX SMETA standards.
  • Ascent experts are on hand to serve you at any time 24X7, anywhere in the world.
  • Our services can be provided as evidence and help you with the closure of non-conformities and offer you the best help you to improve the efficiency of the SEDEX SMETA business.
  • With Ascent achieving SEDEX SMETA is just a cup of tea.

Get a quote today to achieve a non-binding offer with no extra charges further.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are SMETA 2 pillars and 4 pillars?

SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) is the audit methodology. SEDEX SMETA 2-pillar consists of only labor standards and health and safety standards, whereas SEDEX SMETA 4- pillar consists of Sedex Smeta 2 pillar and in addition environment standards and business ethics. 

What does SEDEX SMETA Audit cover?

Sedex Smeta covers Best Practice Guidance, Measurement Criteria, Audit Report, and Corrective Action Plan Report (CAPR).

What is the lifespan of SEDEX membership?

Sedex membership lasts for 12 months, Though you can choose to be a member for a longer period by entering the number of years on the ‘Extend subscription by’ you want for your organization.

How do I check the SEDEX SMETA Audit report?

You can check your VAT invoice on your Sedex account Log in to to SEDEX Advance and navigate to your Company details.            

What is the cost to be a part of Sedex membership?

The cost to join as a member of SEDEX depends on the type of member you want to be as a buyer or a supplier. It depends on the annual sales turnover of the organization and the setup cost to includes training and account management support to help you get the most from your Sedex membership. 

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