SA8000 Certification

Adopt, maintain and apply socially acceptable practices in the workplace by international certification standard SA8000 Certification in India.

What is SA8000 Certification?

Since 1997, an affiliate of the Council on Economic Priorities, the Social Accountability International (SAI) organization is considered as one of the most workplace standards. SA8000 standard is based on the conventions established by the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the UN Convention for Children’s Rights. Its purpose was to draw up a universal code demonstrating a responsible approach to social and ethical issues. SA8000 certificate is a respected social accountability certification based on the social welfare of the society.

SA8000 certification addresses issues subject to areas of child labor, forced labor, disciplinary practices, health and safety, working hours, freedom of association and collective bargaining, discrimination, punishment, working hours, pay, and the management system.

Adopting SA8000:2014 Certification helps an organization to develop and perform the activities which follow the rules and regulation of the local government. This helps the Organization to consider the social impact of their operations and procedures that aim at continuously improving labor conditions. This involves top management in setting working environment guidelines under which their workers, accomplices, and providers work. This SA8000 certification provides a significant milestone in improving workplace conditions by reporting good practices in the business sector.

Benefits of SA8000 Certification

Maintaining and improving is an ongoing process by SA8000 certification that can be the best means to ensuring systemic change. The benefits of SA8000 are unaccountable and include:

  1. Improved staff morale
  2. More reliable business partnerships
  3. Proves your commitment to social accountability
  4. Compliance with global standards
  5. Reduce the risk of negligence
  6. Build and reinforce the loyalty of your employees
  7. Supports your corporate vision
  8. Accommodate new business
  9. Ensure transparency in working
  10. Gain competitive edge
  11. Demonstrates appreciation
  12. Improves mutual trust of suppliers

Requirements of SA8000 Certification

The standard is composed of straightforward, quantifiable nine requirements for the compliance of the standard.

  • Prohibits Child labor 
  • Prohibits of obligatory work
  • Establish Wellbeing and security essential guidelines for health and safety
  • No discrimination based on race, sex, or religion
  • Forbids disciplinary and verbal maltreatment practices
  • Working hours should not exceed 48 hours a week with 12 hours additional time for every week compensated at a superior rate.
  • Remuneration must fulfill all base legitimate guidelines
  • Management Systems should guarantee for assigning capable workforce to concerns and taking restorative activities
SA8000 Certification process

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can adopt the SA8000 certificate in India?

SA certification is a voluntary certificate. SA8000 is suitable for any company that wants to empower its employees and their families by focusing on social responsibility. Also, the SA8000 certificate can be adopted by product suppliers and commercial supply chains regardless of their size, industry, or location.

What if the company already complied with ISO 45001 certification, is necessary to acquire SA8000 Certification?

SA8000 is for the Social Accountability for the welfare of the social norms. For companies already adopted, ISO 45001 becomes easier to achieve SA8000 Certification.

What is the validity of the SA8000 Certification?

SA8000 Certification lasts for 3 years and requires yearly Surveillance and Re-Certification at the expiry of the Certification.

What is the cost of SA8000 Certification in India?

The cost of SA8000 Certification involves the nature, size of an organization, and level of Certification you need. It also adds consultancy, audit, and certification charges.

What does “family responsibilities” mean in the SA8000 standard?

In some countries, employers believe that workers with a family. Primarily children – are not going to work. All their wages and remuneration must fulfill their daily necessities.

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