NOTICE is hereby given to all our Client Organizations, Potential Client Organizations, Associates, Certification Bodies, representatives, patrons, regulars and well-wishers we exist by the name- Ascent WORLD Conformity Advisors Pvt Ltd, having our Registered Office at 001, Jaya Garden, Mira Road (East), Dist- Thane- 401107, Maharashtra, India.

Recently, we have come to know, that some unscrupulous fraudsters are using our name and might attempt to offer you to provide services in the name and style of “Ascent” or any related similar name, through well-fashioned misrepresentation. We would like to bring this to your notice that we exist in the book of Registrars by the name “Ascent WORLD Conformity Advisors Pvt Ltd”. Any such entity or person representing with a similar (Not same) name, is not a part of Ascent WORLD Group and might be attempting to approach with an unprofessional, fraudulent and unethical motive. We would request you to not pay any heed to such mis-directions.

These kinds of individuals resort to running smear campaigns by looking like a victim instead of being the perpetrator, we personally wish them good future in their engagements and really hope to keep this announcement neutral to the best of our abilities, regardless of how much hard has been done to us.




(Authorised Signatory)

11th June 2018