ISO Certification in India services provided by Ascent WORLD Group shall comprehensively guide and help organizations in showcasing their proactive & regulated approach towards an enhanced assurance towards their system and processes, control of business risks, improvement of business execution and improves market rapport for their company and products and services being dealt.

ISO is an International (Global) Organization, and has developed many standards pertaining to 3 fields:

  • Management Systems
  • Product Marking
  • Personal

The Standards developed and published and released by ISO are basically used, implemented, and certified against by companies (organizations) throughout the world, irrespective of the nature, size, and complexity of the processes.

The Management System standards are related to various sectors like: 

ISO Certification in India, or anywhere in the world, is generally a voluntary certification, and normally not mandated. Though, in numerous instances, Customers and Regulatory / Government Authorities or relevant Interested Parties / Stakeholders might ask the company/organization to get certified to an ISO standard. This basically is a way to get an assurance from the company/organization, that they are following the rules/requirements/ guidelines set out by the particular ISO standard, and that a 3rd Party Certification Body like Euro VERITAS Ltd has inspected/audited and certified the company/organization against the particular standard

ISO certification basically gives out requisites and guidelines to help and improve the overall market and business credibility and hence the performance efficiency of the business, and thereby the products/items being manufactured or serviced or traded. With ever-increasing competition in business and industry, it becomes important to perform, meet requirements, deliver required, and superior quality/efficiency of products/items & services in order to withstand in the industry/market.

ISO Certification in India and ISO Certification in the World is applicable to any kind of company/organization:

  • Government Company
  • Government Aided Company
  • Private Sector Company
  • NGO
  • Large Scale, Medium Scale or Small Scale companies
  • 1-man company

Cost for ISO Certification in India:

The cost for obtaining ISO certification in India varies for different organizations based on the nature of the business, size, the complexity of the business, and overall context. The ISO certification body like Euro VERITAS Ltd does some calculations based on the above-mentioned criteria before citing the costs- after suitably considering the different parameters such as :

  • Employees
  • Processes and criticality eg. Design & Development etc.
  • Risks
  • The complexity of the Context
  • Number of locations / Work units
  • Geographical Locations
  • Etc.

At Ascent WORLD Group, which boasts of own offices at various locations eg.

Steps for ISO Certification in India:

  • Conducting a Gap Analysis
  • Providing Awareness Training at various levels/processes
  • Complete Documentation guidance and completion
    • Manual
    • Procedures / SOPs, Operational Controls, Work Instructions
    • Forms & Formats
  • Guidance on Overall Implementation of ISO Standard Requirements
  • Understanding and developing a system for Legal Compliances 
    • Local / India / International Industry Specific Legal Requirements and their compliances
    • Maintaining formal Legal Register
  • Conducting detailed Risk Assessment and Analysis
    • Risk Ratings / Severance analysis and developing and implementing Operational Controls
  • Training for Internal Auditors
  • Internal Auditing 
  • Management Review Guidance
  • Guidance during ISO External / Certification Body Audit
  • Guidance for Closure of NCRs

Ascent WORLD Group also boasts of serving Clients/organizations in other Geographical locations for various ISO standards and for various Industry types like Airports, Pharma, Medical, Mechanical, Electrical/Electronics, Rubber/Plastics, Ship Building/Repairing, etc. There probably are no Industry types, wherein Ascent WORLD has not provided its services. 

Ascent WORLD Group has an overall experience of more than 22 Years in ISO Certification in India business and has served more than 3500 client organizations in India and over 2500 client organizations outside of India. The unmatched performance of Ascent WORLD Group basically can be taken cognizance from and briefed into the following:

  • Command over the understanding of ISO Standard
  • Command over English language and local language, where required
  • Hand-holding Exercise from Scratch to Finish
  • Hand-holding guidance during ISO Certification continuation
  • Extensive and practical knowledge about Standards and Industry Experience (more than 50 personnel, all with Engineering and Management background)
  • 100% personnel in Ascent WORLD Group are Lead Auditors for various ISO standards
  • Timely performance and on-time finish of Projects (based on Project Scheduling)
  • Strategic and COMPLETE Documentation and Implementation
  • Training is provided at all levels and Sections
  • Absolutely no Manipulations during Implementation
  • GUARANTEED ISO Certification
  • GUARANTEED ISO Certification maintenance
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