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Stand out by achieving ISO 9001 Certification in India for an organization by enhancing the Quality Management System

What is ISO 9001 Certification?

Due to the pandemic situation of Covid19, people avoided the use of China products. Our Prime Minister too focused and appealed to use Indian products. To cater to the rising Indian market’s demand for Indian products, providing quality assurance by adopting ISO 9001 QMS certification for an organization is very essential.

ISO 9001 certification helps organisations to develop and improve performance by adopting, and maintaining the quality. It is a planned determination that enables an organizations to improve continuously their overall outcome and focus on providing consistent quality to customers with products and services. ISO 9001 certification is a widely accepted standard for Quality Management System (QMS). ISO 9001 certification is for efficient processes and procedures to deliver an effective product or service to its end-user and meet regulatory requirements. It is the only standard in the series of ISO 9001 to which organizations can certify. Organizations that are applied to ISO 9001:2008 need to transit to ISO 9001:2015 standard. By September 14, 2018, ISO 9001:2008 need to be transitioned to ISO 9001:2015 which came into action after the amendments made by the International organization for Standardization.

ISO 9001:2015 certification defines the managing and controlling principles that an organization can use to align and streamline the processes to create efficiencies throughout the organization. It is a powerful business improvement tool, framing the outline of the policies, processes, and procedures, and guidance to help you consistently to meet your customer’s expectations and regulatory requirements of the local authority and standard requirements.

Benefits of ISO 9001 Certification

In brief, ISO 9001 certification helps you to demonstrate that your organization is customer-oriented and provide high-quality services and products. Some other benefits are:

  1. Win more tenders and contracts
  2. Increase customer confidence
  3. More efficient supply chains
  4. Reduce costs by recalls and errors
  5. Create new opportunities by expanding into new markets
  6. Meet regulatory requirements
  7. Streamlined process and procedures
  8. Motivated staffs
  9. Take business to new heights

Requirements of ISO 9001 Certification

To achieve ISO 9001 certification, an organization needs to accomplish certain required procedures and documentation. To achieve continual improvement in QMS your organization needs to focus on the seven areas.

1. Context of an Organization by determining the factors, understanding customers need to decide the purpose and strategy of QMS to an organization

2. Leadership is the head of the Quality Management System. As ISO 9001 depends on the commitment by senior management in making and deciding the policies and procedures to implement QMS.

3. Planning for an effective quality management system to address both risks and opportunities to overcome risks and grab the opportunity.

4. Support from every level of management for adequate resources to operate, efficient working conditions for effective application of ISO 9001.

5. Operation to develop and deliver goods or services with assured quality requires systematic operation and policies to be followed.

6. Performance evaluation requires an analysis of your results for continual improvement in the quality management system.

7. Improvement in QMS is for better delivery of products and services to match customer needs and provide customer satisfaction.

ISO Certification process

Strength of Ascent WORLD

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why you need ISO 9001 Certification?

To introduce a quality management system in an organization and providing the customer with quality products and services to stand out from the competition in the market and built loyalty among end-users.

What is the cost of achieving ISO 9001 Certification?

The costing depends on the nature of your business, size, sectors you operate in, the area you need to cover, and internal and external audit plus certification.


Is ISO 9001 Certification is must to have?

ISO 9001 Certification is not obligatory but when the liberated body audits the third party certified body against the guidelines of the standard it is a green sign towards the buyers, suppliers, customers, and stakeholders that your organization has implemented the guidelines properly.

How long does ISO 9001 certification valid for?

ISO 9001 certification is valid for three years, in case of how long validity lasts subject to surveillance audits. After that, it requires re-validation of the Certificate.

Is ISO 9001:2015 a complicated version?

ISO 9001:2015 is not complicated rather it is challenging than ISO 9001:2008 as it is more high level not only quality enhancement process but also risk management throughout the process.

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