ISO 50001 Certification Energy Management System

ISO 50001 Certification – Energy Management System

Reduce energy-related bills cost of your organization by adopting ISO 50001 certification in India by accepting and complying with the guidelines of the standard.

What is ISO 50001 Certification?

Save energy for the future by providing and using sustainable use of resources by achieving ISO 50001 certification from the leading certification providing organization worldwide.

ISO 50001 certification helps an organization to improve energy consumption and maintaining the energy management resources by developing and scrutinizing the resources efficiently. Building and fulfilling energy demand and supply has increased by 7% over the last few decades and is projected to increase by 50% more by 2060. Security of energy supplies is an increasingly hot topic, so energy management for the current and the future is very crucial. The energy demand can be reduced by minimizing energy consumption and using renewable/recycled energy resources. To maintain energy efficiency a systems lifecycle is needed to be adopted. The government is now adopting various approaches to accelerate the use of ISO 50001 EnMS to safeguard the energy, improve energy management and energy performance.

The ISO 50001:2018 standard belongs to the same family as ISO 9001:2015; having the same High-Level-Structure. It is an International Standards Organisation (ISO) management systems standard that is widely accepted. ISO 50001:2018 is focused on energy management systems and their effective and efficient use for the future need by complying with the standard guidelines. The ISO 50001 certification calls for a company to develop and implement an energy policy, establishing goals to meet the policies, measure, and analysis the policy effectiveness, and continually make improvements in the consumption of energy. EnMS reduces the carbon footprint in the environment by reducing greenhouse gases and carbon emissions.

An EnMS in compliance with ISO 50001:2018 focuses on the Energy Uses, significant uses, creation of baselines, and doing Energy Reviews, for Management of Energy application, without compromising on Production and luminescence.

With the release of the ISO 50001:2018 version, the transition period for ISO 50001:2011 certifications will end on 21 August 2021. ISO 50001:2011 certificates will become invalid. For detailed information, you can contact Ascent WORLD.

Benefits of ISO 50001 Certification

EnMS 50001 certification does not set the targets but generally character the high-level achievement of performance and services by reducing and effective use of the energy consumption of an organization. Other benefits are:

  1. Promotion of Energy Management system
  2. Enhanced availability of energy resources
  3. Facilitates energy management improvement
  4. Implementation of energy-efficient technology
  5. Presence of a healthy and safe environment
  6. Helps in controlling greenhouse gases
  7. Increased awareness about energy-related hazards
  8. Prevention of energy hazards
  9. The gained confidence of customers and stakeholders
  10. Foresee risk and opportunities related to energy resources
  11. Adds credibility of International Stature

Requirements of ISO 50001 Certification

To Implement the EnMS ISO 50001 certification your organization will have to plan certain steps to fulfill usage of energy efficiency throughout your supply chain in the manufacturing process by creating transparency of your energy resources. Other requirements are:

  • Generate energy planning
  • Formulate energy management policy
  • Define the scope of the policy
  • Checking of the policy
  • Analysis of energy management policy
  • Take preventive measures
  • Measurement and monitoring of energy management policy
  • Designing of the policy plan
  • Retaining operational control and take corrective steps
  • Fulfill legal requirements
  • Proper documentation- Processes, Procedures, Reports, and Records
  • Maintain records
  • An internal audit of EMS (Energy Management System)
  • Conducting Energy Reviews
  • Management Review
ISO Certification process

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which industries require ISO 50001 Certification?

Energy is necessary for all types of organization irrespective of size, nature, culture, or social conditions. EnMS 50001 certification is for everyone, the standard has not prescribed any regulations and controls. 

What is the cost of ISO EnMS 50001 Certification?

The costing of EnMS depends on the complexity of your business, size, and location of your organization. This also includes internal and external audit charges. 


Why achieve ISO 50001 Certification for an organization?

Certifying your organization with ISO 50001 energy management system may benefit your organization in many ways. ISO 50001 is a business-friendly and globally accepted standard. Organizations obtaining the ISO 50001 standard are recognizing the efficient use of energy by reducing carbon footprint, initial energy improvements of 10% from the very first step of the manufacturing process or more, and achieving an effective advantage in cost reduction, mostly through low-cost or no-cost changes to operations. 

How Long does ISO 50001 certification is valid?

ISO 50001 certification is valid for 3 years from the date of implementation and requires annual surveillance for audit and recertification.

Does my organization needs ISO 50001?

NO, it is not a mandatory certificate. You can get ISO 50001 if you make your organization a systematic approach for the usage of energy resources and make maximum gain in return without overuse of resources. Making resources sustainable.  

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