Definition of ISO 45001 Gap Analysis

ISO 45001 Gap Analysis is a simple framework that helps an organization evaluate the efficiency of an Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

When an organization applies for the ISO 45001 Certification, it introduces OHSMS within its entire processes and activities. Well, the framework is a beneficial factor for the workforce. Every employee will get to know about safety standards and work in a hygienic environment without any risk.

With ISO 45001 Gap Analysis, the organization gets a few healthy recommendations after reverifying certain ongoing works with the newly-introduced OHSMS framework.

Pricing of ISO 45001 Gap Analysis

When it comes to ISO 45001 Gap Analysis, it is a prerequisite process of ISO 45001 Audit. The certification process of ISO 45001 will allow an organization to conduct a Gap Analysis so that it could find any issue that won’t match with the current OHSMS framework.

Acquiring the assistance of a third-party consultant service will always be a beneficial deal for someone who is inexperienced in this field. When it comes to Ascent WORLD, you will get the best support at a lower cost.

In case, an organization recruits a third-party auditor, the following points will decide a plan for doing the certification work (including Gap Analysis):

  • Size of your organization.
  • Strength of employees.
  • Nature of your products or services.

Benefits of ISO 45001 Gap Analysis

Conducting an ISO 45001 Gap Analysis can provide an organization with the following benefits

  • Build Your Brand’s Integrity: With ISO 45001 OHSMS, a business will reach the best heights. Apart from auditing and other procedures, Gap Analysis helps to understand the missing part and allows the management to prefer the right guidelines as per the OHSMS framework.
  • Improve Your Employee’s Confidence: When it comes to boosting the confidence and safety guidelines of employees, the OHSMS guidelines play the best part. With the help of Gap Analysis, the missing safety activities will be implemented soon enough.
  • Validates Your Business’s Capability: The ISO 45001 Standard is the one that gives your business a great reach among competitors. However, the credit goes to the time of Gap Analysis as these sessions find errors, compare them with the guidelines, and allow what suits the best for business.
  • Documentation Requirements: Analyze the requirements and be a tool for Documentation- Policies, Procedures, Work Instructions, Forms/Formats, etc.
  • Responsibilities: Setting out specific Responsibilities and Authorities at various stages.

How To Perform Gap Analysis?

A Gap Analysis for ISO 45001 Certification is required as it helps in the identification of great advantages that suits the Quality Management System.

However, an organization should conduct the process initially before the start of planning and implementing the OHSMS within the system; this can also be done additionally- quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

Before performing ISO 45001 Gap Analysis, an organization should create or purchase a Gap Analysis Checklist. Everything should be done as per the ISO 45001 Requirements.

Here is the ISO 45001 Gap Analysis Checklist that involves in the Gap Analysis phase:

1. Scheduling the Gap Analysis

  • Select the appropriate date
  • Communicate with employees about the processes
  • Involve the Top Management and let them know the intent, the criteria and objectives from such Gap Analysis.
  • Understand the protocols and activities of the workforce
  • Make sure that everyone should be comfortable answering the auditor’s questions.
  • Determine the process as per the area of the facility
  • Divide the facilities into different sections for easy Gap Analysis
  • If a business hires a third-party audit team, then appoint it to cover different areas of your facility.
  • Arrange the Gap Analysis checklists to verify as per the ISO 45001 OHSMS requirements.
  1. Conducting the Gap Analysis (performed by the auditor)
  • Follow the schedule
  • Evaluate the current OHSMS
  • Focus on compliance and non-compliance with ISO 45001 Certificate
  • The auditor will verify all the ongoing activities and compare them with ISO 45001 standard.
  • Make sure that everything matches ISO 45001 Compliance
  1. Complete the Gap Analysis Report of ISO 45001
  • To identify Processes and Areas which are not following ISO 45001 standard requirements
  • To identify Processes and Areas where responsibilities and authorities have not been clearly defined
  • To identify Processes and Areas where documentation and records do not exist
  • Processes that agree with the ISO 45001 Certification Standard
  • Methods that follow the ISO 45001 Documentation
  • Procedures to redesign that do not comply with the ISO 45001 Standard.
  • Processes to activate that are not currently in operation.

Why Ascent WORLD?

Here are the reasons that you should hire this consultancy agency considering the importance of ISO 45001 Gap Analysis for your business:

  • Ascent WORLD hires Highly qualified team members (M.B.A., Degree engineers) and owners who have rich professional experience. A business will have a 100% success rate for global standards certification including ISO of our clients from reputed certifying bodies and branded images and leading names in the market.
  • Professional trainers and consultants have experience with different companies. They will provide top-notch management training, ISO consultancy, process improvement concept implementation, and ISO series consultancy.
  • Ascent WORLD is available 24X7 to cater to the customers’ and clients’ needs.
  • Ascent WORLD has well-trained and experienced consultants who can do external/internal ISO 45001 Audits in India precisely.
  • Ascent WORLD conducts a very thorough Gap Analysis, and presents an exhaustive report.
  • The kind of Gap Analysis Reporting that Ascent WORLD develops and uses for reporting, including to the Top Management is highly serene, lucid, non-bureaucratic, and self-explanatory.
  • The Gap Analysis report created and delivered by Ascent WORLD, is most of the time- Self-Explanatory. The report very suitably tells the Process owner and the team, what is expected, and how that is going to be achieved, through documentation, records, reports, policies/procedures, including the responsibilities and timelines for achieving the same.

Apart from all; We offer the following Unique Selling Points (USPs):

  • International reputation
  • Higher expertise
  • Knowledgeable consultants.
  • Gain technical and advanced-level approaches
  • Assistance from skilled professionals.
  • Certification is guaranteed.
  • 100% success rate with higher credibility
  • 24×7 support system activated
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