ISO 45001 Documentation Process in India

ISO 45001 Documentation: OH&S

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What is ISO 45001 Documentation?

An Internationally acknowledged Standard for Occupational health and safety (OH&S) management system, ISO 45001 guides organizations to improve their occupational health and safety performance and promote physical and mental health. It helps in improving performance by helping prevent injury and ill health. ISO 45001 can be applied to any organization despite its size, type, and nature.

The aim is to reduce diseases and injuries in workplaces. After COVID-19, it has become a mandatory responsibility of organizations to follow the standard and maintain ISO 45001 Documentation to achieve health and safety sustainability. ISO 45001 Documentation is any information required by the internal or external parties involved in maintaining and controlling the workings of the organization in accordance with standards. Documentation helps your organization in becoming the leader in the long run by identifying risks and opportunities.

ISO 45001 Documentation serves many purposes

  • It makes crucial information available to external parties
  • Helps organizations to analyze and upgrade the latitude of the OH&S
  • Let registrars audit the OH&S
  • Helps estimate the OH&S performance

ISO 45001 Documentation may differ depending on:

  • Organization’s activities
  • Organization’s size
  • Processes in which the organizations are involved
  • Products and Services it deals in
  • Competence of staff
  • Complexity of the organization

Mandatory ISO 45001 Documentation

If the organization wants to act in accordance with ISO 45001, here are some documents needed to be produced:

  • Clause 4.3 OH&S management system’s scope
  • Clause 5.2 OH&S policy
  • Clause 5.3 Responsibilities and authorities within OH&SMS
  • Clause 6.1.1 OH&S Management System addressing risks and opportunities
  • Clause Techniques and designs for assessment of OH&S risks
  • Clause 6.2.2 OH&S aims and objectives for achieving them
  • Clause 8.2 Emergency preparedness and response process

And these are the mandatory records if organizations want to act in accordance with ISO 45001

  • Clause 6.1.1 OH&S risks and opportunities and actions for addressing them
  • Clause 6.1.3 Legal and other requirements
  • Clause 7.2 Evidence of ISO 45001 competence
  • Clause 7.4.1 Evidence of communications
  • Clause 8.2 Schemes for responding to potential emergency situations
  • Clause 9.1.1 Results on monitoring, measuring, analyzing, and evaluating performance
  • Clause 9.1.1 Maintenance, calibration, or verification of monitoring equipment
  • Clause 9.1.2 Compliance evaluation results
  • Clause 9.2.2 Internal audit program
  • Clause 9.2.2 Internal audit report
  • Clause 9.3 Results of management review
  • Clause 10.2 Nature of incidents or nonconformities and any subsequent action taken
  • Clause 10.2 Results of any action and corrective action, including their effectiveness
  • Clause 10.3 Evidence of the results of continual improvement

Importance of ISO 45001 Certification and ISO 45001 Documentation

ISO 45001 Certification Occupational Health and Safety do not only impact the lives of affected workers and their families, but also the productivity and the welfare of enterprises and society finally. It is a known fact that most occupational deaths and injuries are entirely preventable, and could be avoided if organizations and staff take simple initiatives to minimize risks at the workplace. Occupational health hazards could be referred to as the processes, types of equipment, and materials that can have the potential to cause harm to workers. So, it becomes very important to evaluate, control, and presuppose the identification of these hazards and actions must be taken to ensure safety. ISO 45001 Documentation can help organizations in the:

  • Establishing a systematic approach toward everything related to health and safety
  • Applying presupposed practices in case of opportunities and risks
  • Ensuring proper involvement and diligence of workers
  • Determining and implementing Occupational Health and Safety policies and objectives
  • Arbitrating hazards and minimizing their potential effects
  • Taking actions for continual improvement.

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