ISO 41001 Certification: Consultants in India


ISO 41001:2018 is an International Standard published from ISO which defines the requirements for a facility management (FM) system when an organization:

A) Needs to avidly explain the effective and efficient delivery of FM that supports the quality objectives of the demand organization.

B) Aims to consistently and continually meet the needs of all relevant interested parties and applicable requirements.

C) Aims to be in continuance and impact assesses and sustainable in a globally-competitive environment.

The requirements laid down in the ISO 41001:2018 standard are mostly generic like ISO 9001:2015 standard and also non-sector specific which means it is intended and may be implemented upon and applicable to all organizations, or partial parts/processes thereof, whether they can be a public sector company or a private sector organization, it may be a corporate company or an SME, regardless of the type, size (number of employees), the complexity of processes and nature and context of the organization or where it is located- village, town, city or country or at international locations.

ISO 41000 Series of Standards:

  • ISO 41011:2017 Facility Management –Vocabulary
  • ISO 41012:2017 Facility management -Guidance on strategic sourcing and the development of agreements
  • ISO 41013:2017 Facility management -Scope, key concepts, and benefits
  • ISO 41001:2018 Facility management -Management systems -Requirements with guidance for use

ISO 41001 Applicability:

Organizations/Companies who want to:

  • The document, establish, have a process approach and risk-based approach, implement, maintain, and improve a Facility Management system.
  • Agree with its stated management policy and objectives.
  • Demonstrate conformity with the requirements as stated within the Standard.
  • Improve market reliability and rapport.

ISO 41001 Conformity:

Organizations might implement the standard and demonstrate conformity by:

  • All levels of Management- top management, middle-level management, and low-level management who make understandings of all the requirements of the clauses, at all levels, document processes, does a religious risk-based approach, identify and define the needs and expectations of interested parties, implement the standard to the fullest.
  • Seeking endorsement of its compliance from all relevant interested parties.
  • Seeking confirmation of its self-declaration by a party that might be external to the organization.
  • Seeking certification/registration of its FM system by an accredited third-party certification body like Euro VERITAS Ltd (Accreditated from BAR-UK).

The Facility Management System as per ISO 41001:2018 is aimed to improve the overall organizational structure to be equivalent to global standards. It enables organizations to achieve a competitive edge in the industry. It helps the organizations with industry best practices, common principles, concepts, and terms, etc., to achieve excellence in Facilities Management System services. Following are some listed down benefits:


    • Improved personnel output and productivity, safety and health and wellbeing
    • Better internal/external communication
    • Enhanced efficiency and effectiveness, thus giving major cost benefits to the organizations
    • Improved service consistency and lesser failures
    • Providing a minimum common platform through the correct interpretation and implementation of standard requirements
    • Achieve a competitive and reasonable edge by standing out from other FM Services providing companies
    • Enhance the trust and assurance among customers, and other relevant interested parties, including regulatory authorities for/upon project completions and business tasks
    • Evaluate the project teams’ and overall performances with defined/documented and analyzed objectives and process/stage based KPIs and track performance logically, realistically and stage-wise, and also project-wise.
    • Increase in the viability of compliances and meet to requirements of laid down facility management initiatives
    • Enhance work efficiency by providing better and as required infrastructure.

The process approach associated with ISO 41001:2018 emphasizes the importance of:

  • Identification of all Internal and External Issues and doing a Risk / Opportunity Assessment for all of its processes;
  • understanding and meeting the demand of requirements through an effective planning process;
  • The relationship between the planning process and the specific clause requirements of the Standard;
  • The documentation requirements of the Facility Management system as laid down in the ISO 41001:2018 standard clauses and the subject of later-on certification compliance assessments;
  • All of the above at all management levels- highlighting accountabilities;
  • Continual improvement of various processes based on KPIs and performance evaluations.

Facilities Management System International Standard ISO 41001:2018  helps develop a “common language” for all kinds of companies/organizations and Service Providers. Organizations can implement and get certified to this standard that they can implement and have global recognition and by so doing will achieve significant improvement in the provision of strategic FM services across their portfolio.

Aim of ISO 41001:2018:

ISO 41001:2018 standard incorporates Facility Management System and the objectives of implementing the standard are:

  • To provide an understanding of Facility Management to the Organization as a whole and to increase awareness throughout the processes regarding the importance and advantages.
  • To establish a common structure and a standardized approach vide the High-Level Structure Annex SL / Annex L to Facilities Management. It aims to form a common basis that can be used by organizations, who already might be having other standards already implemented and certified to- especially FM services companies, to assess and measure facilities management services with the use of various KPIs.
  • The major focus and objective are to better the adaptation and implementation of a Facility Management System across all industries and sectors worldwide.

Scope of ISO 41001:2018:

ISO 41001:2018 developed by the organization called- ISO, based in Geneva applies to any kind of organization, regardless of the type, processes, complexities, size, nature, or context and location. The standard is relevant to a small-scale, medium-scale, or large-scale company, Government or Non-Government, Not-for-Profit organizations, etc. regardless of the industry it is operating in. It is not a sector-specific standard and thus, applicable to all public and private sector companies.


Please contact Ascent WORLD Group for further details and when wanting to implement and certify against ISO 41001:2018 standard.

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