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ISO 29993:2017 – Learning Services outside of Formal Education — Service requirements- Ascent WORLD actually guides and helps organizations in the overall understanding of this standard.

A globalized and highly fast-changing knowledge-based and competence-based economy requires learners to continue acquiring new skill sets, expertise, and knowledge to be able to help in their careers. The formal and or informal education and skill up-gradation system actually gives out a strategic and vital role in the country’s overall human resources enhancement and development. It is not always effective and elaborate in terms of meeting the rapidly evolving needs of individuals, regulators, and Governments and societies. Private service-providers and companies providing learning services have better and easy flexibility including to respond efficiently and elaborately to whatsoever needs. Also, as the mobility of employment increases in the global economy, from one place to another- more and more private providers are expanding their international presence and providing learning services to learners beyond their national borders. ISO 29993:2017 is an International standard developed by ISO and is intended basically to provide service providers (private or Govt owned) with a universal and generalized subject of requirements for reference for various quality learning services.

Importance of ISO 29993:2017:

The primary beneficiaries of ISO 29993 are for all kinds of learning service and training service providers. This International Standard is intended to:

  • Align various elements/requirements/guidelines of informal and if applicable formal learning services, including as evident in advertising and propaganda, the information provided to learners, needs analysis, design/development, assessment, and evaluation, for the purpose of improving the effectiveness, efficiency, and transparency of learning services
  • Enhance the credibility of and quality assurance of the learning services
  • Provide an assured model for improvement of the learning services as per curriculum or without it that can be shared within an organization
  • Provide an internationally recognized certificate (once complied and certified from Euro VERITAS Ltd, UK that greatly demonstrates the dependability, reliability consistency, and quality of learning services.

ISO 29993 is equally advantageous/helpful to the various learners- the main stakeholder (and/or their sponsors). It is particularly worth noting that this international standard recognizes and applies to the standing and the individual requirements of the learner’s informed decision on the attainment of learning services by specifying requirements and guidelines on the criteria and information to be tacitly provided to the learners (and/or to their sponsors) and all relevant interested parties. Compliance with the requirements of the standard- ISO 29993 can actually help learners, their sponsors, parents, and relevant interested parties select the most appropriate learning services that are required, is apt and suitable to their career, long terms career objectives, career goals, and purposes.

  • Alignment of various elements, requirements, guidelines of learning services, including advertising and propaganda, the information provided to learners and their sponsors or/and to relevant interested parties eg family, requirement needs analysis, risk assessment, knowledge management, change management, design/development, assessment, review, analysis (including statistical) evaluation, for the basic purpose of improving the efficiency, efficacy, proficiency, and transparency of learning services.
  • Enhance the integrity and credibility of learning services and the provider.
  • Provide a wider model for improving and enhancing learning services that can be shared within an organization.
  • Provide an internationally recognized certificate from Euro VERITAS Ltd, UK- that demonstrates the reliability and quality of learning services.
  • ISO 29993 is highly useful to learners (and/or their sponsors, parents, etc.) and all interested parties as this standard recognizes the importance of the learner’s informed decision on the acquisition of learning services by stipulating obligations on the data and information which are given to learners (and/or their sponsors) and relevant interested parties.
  • Compliance with ISO 29993 can help learners select learning services that are specific and most applicable to their objective, career goals, visions, life career statements, and purposes.

History of ISO 29993:2017 standard

Sept 2013 Standardization proposal “Learning Services outside formal education – Requirements” has been adopted in ISO/TC 232.
Feb 2014 Committee Draft (1st draft) of ISO/CD 19366 was adopted.
Dec 2014 Further discussion of this draft at the 9th meeting of ISO/TC 232 in Tokyo.
Feb 2015 First Draft International Standard ISO/DIS 19366 was available.
May 2015 Renumbering of ISO/DIS 19366 in ISO/DIS 29993.
Sept 2016 Second Draft International Standard ISO/DIS 29993 was discussed at the 11th meeting of ISO/TC 232 in Moscow.
April 2017 Final Draft International Standard ISO/FDIS 29993 was available.
Aug 2017 ISO 29993:2017-08 was published in the English and French languages.
Oct 2018 DIN ISO 29993:2018-10 was published in the German language by DIN.


Ascent WORLD actually guides and helps organizations in the overall understanding of this standard.

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Ascent utilizes methods of making use of available resources within the organization that helps reduce expenses.

Ascent integrates the existing system in a synchronized manner, to demonstrate ISO 29993 conformity. Various models and elements like 5S, Six Sigma, Kaizen, TQM etc. are integrated based on the need and capabilities of the client organization.

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