ISO 27001 Controls the overview

ISO 27001 Controls

Gain a better understanding of ISO 27001 Controls in India to implement the Information Security Management System within the organization effortlessly.

ISO/IEC 27001 Overview

ISO 27001 is a valuable tool for organizations. This international standard protects their information and systems. By implementing the controls outlined in the Information Security Management System (ISMS), organizations can ensure that their data and systems are secured.

The ISO 27001 Controls have outlines in the standard that include both physical and technical measures, such as;

  • Establishing secure access policies
  • IT asset management, malware protection
  • Incident response.

Additionally, the ISO 27001 Standard follows the best practices against cybersecurity. It is useful to maintain the security of an organization’s data and systems.

ISO 27001 Controls include activities like regular risk assessments, training of staff based on the ideas of information security, and implementing policies to protect personal data.

Number of ISO 27001:2013 Controls

In the list of ISO 27001:2013 Controls, an organization will follow a total of 114 controls in ISO 27001:2013 Certification. However, they are categorized into 14 domains such as;

  1. Asset Management
  2. Access Control
  3. Cryptography
  4. Physical and Environmental Security
  5. Operations Security
  6. Communications Security
  7. System Acquisition, Development and Maintenance
  8. Supplier Relationships
  9. Information Security Incident Management
  10. Business Continuity Management
  11. Compliance
  12. Information Security Aspects of Business Continuity
  13. Risk Management
  14. Human Resources Security

In the recent update (2022), there are not many major changes have been made in Annex A or other ISO 27001 Controls. For the briefing, here is the list of controls that a company should comply with as referred to in Annex A of ISO 27001:2013.

  • Sixty-One: IT-Related Controls
  • Twenty-Four: Controls for Addressing Organizational Issues
  • Six: Controls Relating to Human Resources
  • Fifteen: Physical Security Measures
  • Eight: Legal Matter Controls

Annex A is the section that has the best approach for an organization to exhibit Information Security ISO 27001 Controls. Among 114 measures, Annex A holds an integral part. The use of Annex A as a primary checklist of the ISO 27001 Controls can help an organization process the ISO 27001 ISMS.

Relation Between Organization & ISO 27001 Controls

Organizations and the security controls mentioned in ISO 27001:2013 Annex A are closely related. ISO 27001:2013 is a standard set of controls that organizations can use to protect their information assets. The security controls are designed to reduce the risks associated with the handling and storage of information.

Also, these rules can be tailored to the specific needs of an organization.

By implementing these controls, organizations can ensure that their information is kept secure and that the risks associated with it are minimized. In addition, organizations can use the standard as a baseline for their own security policies and procedures.

To introduce Annex A ISO 27001:2013 Controls, some factors are responsible:

  • Technology-based solutions are available less than 40% within Annex A.
  • Information Security issues are appropriate to keep the tags on certain human behavior.

The current Annex A framework of the ISO 27001:2013 Controls is as follows:

  • 4% – Legal protection
  • 5% – Human resource management 
  • 5% – Supplier and buyers 
  • 13% – Physical security 
  • 36% – Organizational/documentation 
  • 37% – Technology 

Using ISO 27001:2013 Controls justified by the following factors:

  • Legal or contractual requirement
  • Risk assessment 
  • Business needs or best practice 

An organization can set its limit of using Annex A as per its requirements. The certification body will help the institute to get the right ideas for developing a sustainable ITSM framework with the help of ISO 27001 Controls.

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