ISO 17025 Certification for Labs India

ISO 17025 Certification for Labs

Achieve India’s leading ISO 17025 Certification for your labs to provide globally and legally accepted results and reports

ISO 17025 is authoritatively known as ISO/IEC 17025 Certification which has the determination of the overall necessities for the capability of doing various tests and calibrations which additionally incorporates examining of samples. It is a fundamental standard under the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) utilized in testing and calibration labs.

This is one of the center guidelines of the ISO which served as the mark held by a large portion of the labs from globally compliant with worldwide strategies. First-historically speaking Published in 1999 as ISO 17025:1999, this ISO standard has become one of the primary ISO principles for an organization.

1. Why is ISO/IEC 17025 Certification important?

ISO/IEC 17025, as referenced above, is a particularly significant standard Certification if the work is managing Calibration labs and several other types of operations. ISO 17025 is a worldwide recognized standard that indicates the prerequisites for ability according to different lab aspects. The standard is additionally viewed as one of the center qualifications of the quality management system, which is indicated under the ISO 9001 Certification. There have been cases it is observed as a conclusion that most of the specialists and organizations don’t acknowledge tests and calibration results from research facilities that are not ensured under ISO 17025 Standard. This standard is strongly suggested for the Organizations that produce testing and calibration results.

2. What are the key points of ISO 17025?

International Organisation for Standardization is a worldwide organization producing standard guidelines which recommend various standards which advance your work framework and corporate procedure. ISO 17025 is a worldwide acclaimed standard, which applies to a wide range of significant bodies whether the body is large or small. It makes your organization more compliant with global strategies and methods for the management system. Beneath here is a portion of the central key points you need to think about ISO/IEC 17025. View them.

  • As ISO 17025 is a fundamental need in the organizations that produce tests and calibration results, it is considered as one of the parts of the Quality Management System, which is confined partially, however.
  • Under the standard, some of the essential critical steps to remember are emphasis on senior management being more responsible and prerequisites of continuous improvement of the Management system including legal correspondence and with customer requirements.
  • ISO/IEC 17025 standard has two principle areas. They are Management prerequisites and the other one is Technical necessities. The Management necessities portray the proper working of the Management in a testing and calibration lab and the technical prerequisites portray the technical aspects in the same.
  • The five fundamental components of ISO 17025 standards are normative references, scope, terms and definitions, technical prerequisites, and management necessities. However, Technical and Management prerequisites have more importance as the components. They are considered as the critical components under the standard.


3. What is the importance of ISO 17025 Certification?

ISO 17025 Certification is the principle standard and is a common instrument used by testing and calibration research centers globally. Because of its adequacy and demand among certain customers, it has become a significant need in any research facility or the business managing in the creation of testing and calibration results. The standard is accepted to have various shared traits with the ISO 9001 Standard which is a fundamental and most likely widespread standard with regards to the quality management system in an organization. ISO 17025 is additionally a type of ISO 9001 QMS as has the specification of quality and management both into a business. In this period of ISO standard, a large portion of individuals requires ISO 17025 to be the most extreme boundary in an organization. This is the reason it generally suggested being ISO 17025 certified to win various corporate and global advantages.

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