ISO 10001 Certification: Quality Management- Guidelines for code of conduct for Organization to Satisfy Customers

Maintain proper code of conduct in the organization internally or externally by gaining ISO 10001 Certification in India.

What is ISO 10001 Certification?

ISO 10001 Certification helps to maintain good relations with the customers by serving the promises made to them. This ISO 10001 standard is the proven framework for an organization for designing customer satisfaction codes of conduct for use by other to improve customer satisfaction. ISO 10001 Certification provides guidelines for determining the needs of the customers and focusing to improvement customer communication relations and helping them to reduce their complaints.

ISO 10001 Certificate helps the organization in retaining their existing customers and build new customers by acknowledging the needs of customers, clients, or related interested parties. ISO 10001 Certification demonstrates a quality management system for satisfying codes of conduct to satisfy the concerning customer using particular goods or services.

ISO 10001 Standard also follows the code of conduct prescribed in Annex A similar to other ISO standards like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, etc. Here in this standard Annex C gives guidance about the ISO 10001 standard for small businesses.

Benefits of ISO 10001 Certification

ISO 10001 Certification helps the organization in the long run by:

  1. Enhance customer loyalty
  2. Adopting a quality management approach
  3. Quick solution to your queries
  4. Eliminate the cause of complaints
  5. Improve organizational process
  6. Enable to identify new trends and customers needs
  7. Improves customer management relation
  8. Bring flexibility with other standards
  9. Achieve continuous improvement

Requirements of ISO 10001 Certification

Considering the requirements of ISO 10001 Certification helps to aid initiate effective parameters for satisfying customer needs and requirements by Quality Management system. This ISO 10001 Certification also helps in the proper understanding of the code of conduct.

  • Understanding exact requirements of the customers 
  • Improve awareness and competency about the standard ISO 10001 to its workforce
  • Provide training to employees at each level in the organization
  • Establish efficiency methods to solve customers’ complaints
  • Maintaining records 
  • Regular performance review
  • Conduct Internal Audit
ISO Certification process

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Is ISO 10001 Certification mandatory?

ISO 10001 is a voluntary standard. Though, implementing ISO 10001 endeavors quality management for customer satisfaction by following the code of conduct in the organization.

What is the validity of the ISO 10001 Certificate?

The cycle of the certificate is valid for 3 years from the date of certification, subject to the successful conduct of surveillance audits before completion of the 1st & 2nd year respectively. 

What is the cost of ISO10001 Certification in India?

Costing of the ISO 10001 Certificate includes two types of costing 

  1. Consultancy Costing
  2. Certification Costing

Depending upon the size of your organization and the nature of your product or services you provide to the customer and its complexity.

What is the difference between ISO 10001 and ISO 10002 Certification?

ISO 10001 standard is for maintaining a code of conduct in the organization to satisfy the customer and ISO 10002 standard states the guidelines for maintaining quality management in handling customer complaints.

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