ISO 41001:2018 is vital and important for facility managers, Facility management is very complex. So implementing multiple processes of different types is much simpler if one uses a standard.

Furthermore, certificates are like Cause of Reputation Enhancement awarded to a company, which enhances its market rapport. Certification with the ISO 41001 standard may lead to considerable brand visibility for the facility management company. It also improves the company departments/processes that devote their efforts.

There are also many reasons for the Organization that determine the need to achieve the ISO 41001 certification. For example, legislation related to sustainability, energy and emissions is increasingly strict in any country.


Having ISO 41001:2018 certification usually helps facilitate compliance, because:

  • you can prove you have a thorough, documented, complete, coherent process underway,
  • you can prove you have a risk assessment process in place
  • you can establish clear, precise performance indicators and
  • it enables the creation of a reporting culture to guarantee the organisation is up to date.

This is useful because it is easier to provide regulatory bodies with reports when required.

Another important benefit for a facility manager is reducing risks and enhancement of opportunities arising from implementing ISO 41001. Standards definitely reduce the possibility of human error at various stages. If errors are limited, productivity increases, as there are fewer work stoppages.


As already mentioned, there are genuine business reasons for implementing ISO 41001 by companies:

  • It sets you apart from the rest, in your industry and allows you to win new clients.
  • You give assurance and positive value to your clients, with a common framework within which to define requirements and goals.
  • Process improvements:
  • It enables the process performance to be evaluated in an aseptic, objective and honest way.
  • Operations are Risk specific and tend to be highly efficient.
  • It makes the work of the department visible to the rest of the company.
  • It increases productivity.


Why Should your organization get Certified with ISO 41001:2018 Standard?

This FM standard wrt ISO 41001:2018 helps you to keep your organization to adopt the ever-changing trends in the field of infrastructural developments. Considering the management, operations, and maintenance of the various facilities, the FM services must be constantly reviewed, improved and certified- so that there is continual periodic surveillance. Contact Euro VERITAS Ltd (Accreditated from BAR-UK) for Certification to ISO 41001:2018.

Conforming with the industry best practices, this FM standard constitutes a benchmark for developing and driving efficient strategic, tactical and operational FM principles. The ISO 41001:2018 is a Standard which has the potential to transform organizations by improving workforce health and safety, reducing their impact on the environment and making considerable cost savings.

The interpretations of ISO 41001:2018 is difficult and highly specific and strategic. Documentation against clause requirements are quite extensive and requires expertise. Please contact Ascent WORLD Group for correct details and when wanting to document and implement and certify against ISO 41001:2018 standard.


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