HACCP Audit in Mumbai and India


Conduct HACCP Audit to verify your HACCP Certification validity for the welfare of your customers in India

The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification is proof of your company’s dedication to food safety by employing an evidence-based methodology. This well-accepted international standard for food safety can be a useful entry-to-market tool, creating a number of commercial options.

You may learn everything you need to know about HACCP Certification in Mumbai and HACCP Audits in this blog. You’ll discover how it functions, why it’s crucial, and how third-party HACCP Audit services may benefit your business.

HACCP Certification: What Is It?

Hazard Analysis Critical Control, or HACCP Audit, is a crucial management method and food quality control standard that aids organizations in recognizing and containing risks associated with the food-processing industry. These risks span a wide range of topics and are physical, biological, and chemical in nature. Examples include:

  • Line of production
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Food Consumption

The HACCP Audit serves as a type of approval system in that it acknowledges that the manufacturer or food processor has created, documented, and put into place processes in accordance with the HACCP standard.

What are the 7 Principles of HACCP?

A HACCP plan is created in seven steps overall. A condensed version is provided below. To read the entire instructions for each step, please visit 7 Principles of HACCP Page. Application of HACCP Audit helps to know the drawbacks in these HACCP Principles your organization is going through.

Boost Market Access – As some clients, as well as domestic and foreign markets, may require the HACCP Audit, it can increase your market access opportunities.

Better Reputation – As one of the most well-known worldwide standards for food safety, the HACCP Audit verified organizations can enhance their reputation by lowering the likelihood of occurrences involving food hazards.

Increased Trust — As a result of your adherence to the highest standards, your stakeholders, clients, and consumers will have more faith in the food handling and processing processes you use. When you are subject to a regulatory authority inspection, the certification is also advantageous.

What is the HACCP Certification Process?

It is better to think of HACCP certification as a process with numerous steps that call for preparation and dedication. It is advised that your staff members get HACCP training and conduct HACCP Audits at regular intervals or work with outside food safety specialists in order to fully comprehend the standards of the HACCP and create a HACCP plan.

You must successfully complete a HACCP Audit conducted by an outside third-party certification organization in order to become HACCP certified.

What Is a Third-Party HACCP Audit?

A HACCP system must be regularly maintained through third-party HACCP Audits. These HACCP Audits are carried out by a third-party audit organization, such as Ascent WORLD, and provide an objective evaluation of the HACCP system in place by a food manufacturer or retailer, as well as a determination of whether the product is completely HACCP compliant.

We at Ascent offer third-party HACCP Audit services to assess the implementation and upkeep of a HACCP system. The HACCP system’s five initial phases and seven guiding principles guide our audit. The food safety auditor will assess the current HACCP management circumstances, raise the HACCP management bar, and strengthen your food safety management during the auditing process of product quality.

Conclusion: How to Pass a HACCP Audit and Obtain Certification: Key Information

A detailed food management system for identifying, removing, and preventing possible hazards in accordance with the HACCP principles has been built by your company, as evidenced by the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification.

Your HACCP systems and procedures can be audited by HQTS, a HACCP third-party audit business. Our extensive HACCP audit includes hazard analysis as well as confirmation of the efficacy of HACCP operations throughout implementation. Schedule a food safety audit right away.

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