GOST R Marking Certification

GOST R MARKING CERTIFICATION -Russian Product Marking Certification

Planning to place your product in Russia? Get easy entry by achieving GOST R certification in India by a recognized certification body.

What is GOST R Marking Certification?

Achieving GOST R Certificate is considered as a passport for your products in the Russian market. Russia is a special country and has special requirements for safety. If you plan or want to take your business with Russia, you should have proper knowledge and understanding of the Russian requirements for obtaining GOST R Certification. The certificate confirms that delivering products have successfully passed a certification step of the procedure. It means that they are high quality and meets the standard of Russian GOST R. Most of the exporting products to Russia are a subject of an obligatory certification otherwise will not be allowed to trade.

The GOST R Certificate of Conformity is an official and mandatory document confirming compliance with goods quality and safety of the Russian Federation. This product standard represents product reliability to meet customer needs and demand. On July 07, 1999, the Declaration of Conformity stated the products under Russian Federation Government law. Later, in February 2010 the Russian Federation announced products requiring compulsory certification.


Single Shipment Certificates:

This Consignment Certificate’s validity is for only one consignment that specifies a definite type and amount of product depending on the Invoice of the product and nature of the product. This is a widely used certificate. The exporter needs to provide complete details about the product and the importer to the custom via Invoice or contract details.

Multiple Shipment/Serial Production Certificates:

Multiple shipment certificates are for Serial Production and their validity is for a period (12 months to 5 years) depending on the contract between Importer and Exporter and the type of product. The Certification body conducts the inspection of the details and the product to analyze and verify authenticity before issuing a certificate.

Benefits of GOST R Marking Certification

  1. Consumer Safety and Satisfaction
  2. The reputation of an association increment
  3. Enhances quality of the product
  4. Prevents wastage of Resources
  5. Saves Cost
  6. License to trade in the Russian market
  7. The benefit of International stature to your product.
  8. Better marketing opportunity in Russia
  9. Advantages of International trade
  10. Reduce the hazards, deserted items from the products

Requirements for GOST R Marking Certification

  • Conduct Product testing
  • Application for certificate to achieve GOST R certificate
  • Carry out Site verification /Inspection
  • Ensure product safety and quality
  • Take enforcement actions
  • Make quality enhancement, if required
  • Internal audit
  • Get HSN code

The product must be ISO and CE certified for some cases if an organization needs to acquire GOST R Certificate.

GOST R Certification Process

Streamlined GOST R Certification Process with Ascent WORLD in India, Our expert advisory team can guide you through the GOST R Certification process, ensuring a smooth experience. Connect with our advisory team at info@ascentworld.com or call +91 7045409675 to learn more about the process and how Ascent WORLD will assist you step-by-step in achieving GOST R Certification.

Strength of Ascent WORLD

  • We Ascent have our team of consultants and auditors with a professional attitude to conduct the GOST R Certification process for your organization.
  • We have our GOST R specialist and expertise who will clearly guide you through the whole process without you facing any complications.
  • We Ascent have experience of 10+years of providing training and knowledge to fulfill the requirements of GOST R directives to achieve the GOST R Certificate.
  • We Ascent follow the processes to add value at every stage, by reducing the non-conformities of the standard.
  • We Ascent provide you with the best quote to value for money-including internal and external audit costs, with no extra cost.
  • We Ascent are available to help you 24X7 to solve your queries.
  • We Ascent in Plan-Do-Check-Act to remove hindrances in achieving the ISO 9001 certification.
  • We Ascent follow all the ethics to frame the outline that suits your needs and helps in achieving desired results.

Email your business information to Ascent WORLD or make an appointment by filling the form to get the best deal to get real cost (no hidden charges), involvement methods, and time required to acquire GOST R Marking Certification.


Why do we need GOST R Certificate?

GOST R Certification is the gateway for selling our goods and products in Russia for conformity with Russian standards. As various products having GOST R Certification are obligatory. If the imported goods are listed for mandatory certification then it will not be possible for custom clearance without certification.

What is the cost for GOST R Marking Certification in India?

The cost of certification depends according to the nature of the product to be imported. For more details,

Ascent WORLD can guide you with a proper and approximate idea of the cost of certification.

In what language do I have to submit documents for GOST R certification?

Documents description can be accepted in the English language. In some cases, we accept it in the Russian language.

Which Products require GOST R Marking Certification?

To trade in Russia certain products like:

  • Food products.
  • Electrical and electronic products.
  • Cosmetics.
  • Medicinal devices.
  • Machineries.
  • Consumer packaging materials.
  • Household chemicals.

Mandatorily requires GOST R Certification.

How long GOST R Certificate valid for?

GOST Certificates have validity up to 3 years or depending upon the contract for 1, 3, 5 years within the territory of the Russian Federation.           

How GOST R Certificate's validity extended of existing certificates?

The validity of certificates can be extended. The certificates issued before February 14, 2013, cannot be extended under the amendments made in Legislation.

Is the audit necessary for the GOST R Certification?

In some cases, an audit is required under special circumstances. It can be done at a factory level sample test or site audit.

Who provides GOST R Marking Certificates in India?

Ascent WORLD is the best organization in India that can help you with proper awareness and training for GOST R Certification in India. They also help in earning the GOST R Certificate with minimal cost and effort with maximum benefits.

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