FSSC 22000 Certification: Food Safety Security Certification

Get the quality certificate of your manufacturing food products by adopting FSSC 22000 Certification in India.

What is FSSC 22000 Certification?

The increasing rise in this COVID -19 pandemic and globalization increases the demand for food which resulted in the variety of products getting introduced in the food supply chain. This rapid growth in demand has brought with it the challenges of producing products by ensuring adequate control of food safety, that the foods we consume are safe for our health. Consequently, food safety is now a truly global concern as people are more aware and cautious that it is not uncommon for processed food to contain ingredients that can be beneficial to their health.

The FSSC 22000 Food Safety System Certification has provided the solution for the above concern. It is a framework for effectively managing your organization’s food safety responsibilities to manufacture safe products for their end-users. FSSC 22000:2018 is fully recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and is based on existing FSSC Standards. It demonstrates and determines your organization has a robust Food Safety Management System in place for the compliance of the standard FSSC 22000, which meets the requirements of your customers and consumers. Already, 15.000+ organizations in over 140 countries achieved FSSC 22000 certification for their effective working and achieve the global market over their competitors.

Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) 22000 is a scheme developed in response to a combination of FSSC 22000 sector-specific PRP and FSSC additional requirements. FSSC not only focuses only on the safety of the food but also on evaluating and controlling risks and hazards indulged during processing, manufacturing, packaging, storage, transportation, distribution, handling, or offering for sale or supply in any sector of the food chain. Food Safety System Certification guarantees the safety of the products during primary production, manufacture of perishable products, products like additives, vitamins and bio-cultures, animal food and feed production, packaging manufacturing, and even included catering, retail/wholesale, and transport.

Benefits of FSSC 22000 Certification

FSSC 22000 Certificate guides and gives food operators accurate tools to help them to implement efficient and effective method assessments, procedures, and actions to assure food safety and legislation of the local and standard compliance.

  1. Effective food safety management system
  2. Becoming GFSI approved
  3. Minimizes risk for your organization 
  4. Implementation of validated processes
  5. Ensure the safety and security of your processes
  6. Increase your competitiveness 
  7. Ability to win more business
  8. Delivers your clients peace of mind
  9. Customer Satisfaction
  10. Monetary as well as social advantages
  11. Ensure safety and security
  12. Global recognition

Requirements of FSSC 22000 Certification

FSCC certified products are entitled to use the FSCC logo. Therefore, to ensure adequate control of food safety, specific food safety management systems are included in the Scheme.

  • Setting objectives to comply with this policy
  • Planning and designing a management system 
  • Maintaining records of the performance 
  • Establishing a group of qualified individuals to develop Food Safety Team
  • Defining communication procedures for effective internal communication
  • Develop an emergency plan in case of defects or errors
  • Follow HACCP and FSSC 22000 Principle
  • Maintaining a documented procedure 
  • Conduct Internal Audit
  • Continual Improvement in the Process and System

Prerequisite programs in FSSC/TS 22002-1 and the FSSC/TS 22002-4 include requirements for:

The layout of premises, Utilities, Waste disposal, Equipment suitability, cleaning and sanitizing, Product recall procedures, Warehousing, Develop measures of cross-contamination, etc.

ISO Certification process

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs to implement FSSC 22000 Food Safety System Certification?

 Industries related to the food business can acquire FSSC Certification.

  • Food manufacturing Industries
  • Animal farming Industries
  • Feed and pet food production Industries
  • Retail/Wholesale Industries
  • Production of bio-chemicals Industries
  • Production of food packaging and packaging materials Industries
  • Farming of animals 
  • Animal feed production Industries
  • Catering Industries
  • Storage & Transport Industries
Why do you need to acquire FSSC 22000 Certification?

Unlike ISO 22000 applicable to all in the food chain, FSSC Certification is also applicable to all in the manufacture of the food-related industries to ensure the safety of the food system in the process, to provide safe food to the users.

For how long FSSC 22000 Certification valid?

FSSC Certification is valid for 3 years, followed by annual surveillance and Re-Certification after the expiry of the Certification.

IS ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000 Certification the same?

FSSC Certification is wider than ISO 22000. The FSSC 22000 audit automatically covers ISO 22000. If a company wishes to maintain its ISO 22000 certification, a separate ISO 22000 certificate can be issued for a small certificate fee.

What is the cost of the FSSC 22000 Certification in India?

The cost of FSSC Certification usually depends on the nature of the product your organization manufacture and the size of your Organization. FSSC Certification cost includes Certification and Consultancy cost.

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