The international standard ISO 21001:2018 for EOMS basically covers the following aspects of management of organizations as already being preached by ISO through its various other standards.

These include (the basic Clauses from Clause No 4 to Clause 10):

  • determining the context of the organization through internal and external issues identification;
  • the leadership of the leader;
  • planning activities;
  • operation support;
  • activity;
  • performance evaluation;
  • improvement the performance.

The application of this standard in educational organizational activities creates a systematic and methodological foundation for resolving the issues problems of quality assurance because there is no other reputable standards and accessibility of education.

Along with the identification of the issues of access to education for children of all ages and capabilities in the world, it is necessary to recognize that not everyone has the opportunity to receive an education. There are also many young people with disabilities, having received general education, who cannot continue it further in professional educational organizations and universities. Many of the educational institutions do not have the basic required conditions for the barrier-free environments for people with disorders example- of the musculoskeletal system, do not make provide special living and sanitary conditions for such students. So, this might hinder the movement and communication reach of people with disabilities within educational institutions, might create difficulties while attending classes, and also might pose problems in creating the same health and social conditions for all.

This international standard ISO 21001:2018 requires that educational organizations are responsible for and that they take into account the special needs of such students and ensure that accessibility requirements are implemented. The Standard takes into account the characteristics of education and the provision of such services for different categories of people, such as early childhood. It also covers health and safety compliance for educational organizations to include all relevant interested parties including the learners, who are the most important ones.

Educational organizations can apply this international standard according to organizational motives, the desire to boost the image in modern society, and to improve their rating in a competition among other organizations. At the same time, it should also be considered as a (though not mandatory) universal tool that helps to create a perfect method for managing an educational organization aimed at continuous improvement and achieving sustainable success at all levels. With the initiation of this international standard,(Please contact Ascent WORLD ( for complete guidance on any ISO standard, including certification.) various educational organizations are interested in it, wherein they see their development in improving their own management and meeting the needs of students and society and sometimes regulatory compliances.

The international standard ISO 21001: 2018 is hence considered as one of the tools for achieving the objectives of sustainable development of mankind, obtained as a result of the application of standardization methods in practice. For the greater perspective application of quality management systems for educational organizations according to ISO 21001:2018, it is necessary to solve a number of issues and risks such as:

  1. To organize competence and training of staff of educational organizations according to the ISO 21001:2018 standard;
  2. To organize consulting of educational organizations by professionally trained specialists- Please contact Ascent WORLD ( for complete guidance on any ISO standard, including certification in the field of system management for the purpose of creation in educational organizations of management systems according to the ISO 21001:2018 standard;
  3. In order to increase confidence in the correct application of this standard, to create a mechanism for an independent assessment of compliance of management systems of educational institutions with the requirements of ISO 21001:2018.


The certificate from Euro VERITAS Ltd, UK to the organization, confirming compliance with the requirements of the standard generally is a certificate of conformity.

There are different countries where the practice of certification of various management systems exists, where Euro VERITAS Ltd, UK works in. From the version 2018, when this standard was released and brought into published existence, Ascent WORLD  has planned to reach out to various Educational Organizations, of whatever nature and structure to convince them to the work on the adoption of ISO 21001:2018. Ascent WORLD  is also serving a number of universities globally on this standard.

On the basis of the qualification raising and staff retraining in the field of standardization, and quality management, a management systems certification body like Euro VERITAS Ltd, UK which has been established and accredited in the by the most reputable British Accreditation Registrars, UK.  Henceforth, it is planned to expand the scope of educational organizations to include the implementation of all kinds of institutes in accordance with ISO 21001:2018. All this will contribute to the achievement of the overall objective of sustainable development goals adopted by the country.

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