Benefits of ISO Certifications

ISO was established with the idea of answering a fundamental question:

“what’s the best way of doing this?”

It started with the visible things like weights and measures, and over the last 5 decades has developed into a family of standards that cover everything from the shoes we stand in, to the Wi-Fi networks that attach us invisibly to each other.

Addressing all these and more, International Standards mean that consumers can have the assurance that their products are safe, reliable and of good quality. ISO’s standards on road safety, toy safety, and secure medical packaging are just a minority of those that help make the world a safer place.

Regulators and governments count on ISO standards to help advance better regulation, knowing they have a sound basis thanks to the involvement of globally-established authority.

To find out more about how ISO’s 21837 standards touch almost all aspects of everyday life and work for businesses large and small, you can see all standards in action. With International Standards on air, water, and soil quality, on emissions of gases and radiation, and environmental aspects of products, they protect the health of the planet and people, beyond bringing economic benefits.

ISO makes the world a better place

Consider what the world would be like without ISO standards.  ISO standards make a considerable and positive contribution daily, to the lives of people across the world. Standards integrate a set of characteristics to a product or service in order to meet the expectations of the consumer.

The role of the ISO often goes unnoticed when a commodity meets the approval of the end user. However when standards are absent and a product/service does not meet with consumer expectations, be it poor quality or not working, it is very rarely overlooked. Together with ensuring quality, environmental friendliness, and reliability, ISO standards guarantee the safety of products and services.

The ISO standards work to enhance many aspects of business, such as;

o  Improving the development, manufacturing, and supply of products and services to be more efficient, safer and cleaner

o  Facilitating trade between countries and develop and fairer trade system

o  Providing governments with a technical base for health, safety, and environmental legislation

o  Sharing technological advances and good management practice

o  Circulating innovation

o  Safeguarding consumers and users of products and services

o  Providing solutions to common problems, in turn helping to make life easier


  • All your processes are evaluated, standardized and explained to personnel
  • Training new employees is much easier
  • Problems are detected more quickly and solutions are improved
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Better understanding of customer needs
  • Better perception of your company
  • Suppliers become more like partners
  • Overall communication is improved
  • Better knowledge of your company by employees
  • Improved participation of employees

Some of the main benefits include:

  • Building customer confidence that your products are safe and reliable
  • Meeting regulation requirements, at a lower cost
  • Reducing costs across all aspects of your business
  • Gaining market access across the world

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