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ISO 9001

Stand out by achieving ISO 9001 Certification in India for an organization by enhancing the Quality Management System

ISO 14001

Lead the way by achieving environmental efficiency and effectiveness saving from the misuse and ill-treat with our precise Environmental Management System ISO 14001 Certification in India

ISO 45001

Obtaining ISO 45001 Certification in India can prevent your organization from any injuries or incidents to your employees and provide safe working conditions.

ISO 22000

Deliver safe and quality food to ensure the safety of public health by achieving ISO 22000 certification in India.

ISO 27001

Protect your business information and stay compliant with international standards by obtaining an ISO 27001 Certification in India.



Ascent World stands as an established global provider of comprehensive solutions, delivering a streamlined and cost-effective pathway to achieve ISO Certification in India and Sri Lanka. Our organization boasts a network of distinguished and well-trained consultants, each possessing extensive experience and a proven track record, with numerous successful engagements spanning across the globe.


ISO Consultancy & Certification

Ascent WORLD is a global conglomerate having owned offices in various countries and provides services for ISO, FSC, TQM, IATF, BRC, GMP, HACCP, etc.

Product Marking Consultancy

Ascent provides guidance and certification mentorship services for various Local, National & International standards, CE Mark, UKCA, UL, BIFMA, GOST-R, and ISI.

ISO Certification & other Audits

Ascent WORLD conducts a complete 1st-party and 2nd-party audit, along with 5-S audits, adhering to various ISO and other International & National standards.

Management Level Trainings

Ascent WORLD delivers specialized training programs tailored to management, including 5-S, 6-Sigma, and other workplace improvement services.


With Ascent WORLD by your side, achieving ISO Certification becomes a confident and assured endeavor.

Ascent WORLD is the World’s topmost and ultimate Consultant and Solutions Architect for Management Systems, Product Marking, compliance, and provides management level-specific training to help improve the organization’s business with the most proficient and expertised advisory services and award-winning certification guidance. We at Ascent WORLD provide expertised or strategic guidance that is presented for consideration and decision-making while implementing international and national standards.

We at Ascent WORLD are the preferred GUIDE TO QUALITY for any Organization. Our satisfied clients admire our professional services, expert guidance, and the seamless compliance journey facilitated by our specialist consultants and auditors. Ascent WORLD is a world-leading and proven step-by-step roadmap to achieve various ISO and other Certifications.

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Ascent World stands out as a highly regarded figure in both the local community and the industry at large. Our most notable achievement lies in the substantial roster of loyal clients who consistently place their confidence in our services year after year.


In the past two decades, our extensive expertise and professional approach in collaborating worldwide with clients of various magnitudes have gifted us with unparalleled proficiency in navigating diverse situations, guaranteeing a seamless certification journey.


We highly appreciate our customers and strive to guarantee their satisfaction. Our goal is to ensure that you are entirely content with the services we provide, without any complications or issues. We prioritize the requirements of our customers without fail.

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